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Here we will post helpful tips and experiences we have had to help you learn about your home.  Just like the world of realestate is constantly changing so is the world of inspections and those that are required today to buy a new home.  Be prepared, be informed!

By sheltonhome37285228, Nov 12 2014 09:21PM

If your seeing something that looks like mold in your home, don't automatically assume it's "Black Mold". There are hundreds of types of mold and in many cases they are caused by a moisture problem. There could be a leak in the wall, poor ventilation under your home, a broken sprinkler causing continues moisture to a specifica area, or possibly something else. Mold inspections can be very costly so rather than jumping the gun, have it inspected by a licensed home inspector to determine the cause and resolve. It's alot less expensive then having a piece of the wall cut out and tested to find it was a water leak. Once the sourse is found and leak is stopped, mold will dry-up and die. Case solved!!

By sheltonhome37285228, Oct 27 2014 07:07PM

As a licensed home inspector we see so many homes being sold that have minor and major issues that could have been discovered and dealt with prior to putting the home on the market. By making the necessary corrections, the house will sell faster and with fewer headaches. Be prepared....

Have a 4 Point Inspection completed on your home. 9 out of 10 homes we inspect FAIL this inspection. A buyer can't purchase homeowners insurance without a "PASSING" 4 Point, unless they are able to get a rider on the failed areas. Recognize these issues early and the sale will go much smoother with less surprises.

Make sure your home is sale ready - clean in appearence, has curb appeal and all componenets in the home are in working condition.

A fresh coat of paint never hurt on doors, window sills, and outside if your feeling super energetic.

Vacant houses sell better when they're staged and appear lived-in.

All contracts on the home should be in order and available for the buyer's review (i.e. termite warranty's, pest control contracts, home warranty's, AC contracts, etc.)

By guest, Sep 12 2014 07:57PM

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