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Are you a Buyer? If so, you should know the difference between a 4 Point and a Full Home Inspection.

A 4 Point is an insurance underwriting report that is typically used by an insurance agent to determine which carriers they can reach out to for insurability. A passing 4 Point is used by the underwriter to place and price the policy. A 4 Point includes 4 major components: Plumbing, Electric, HVAC and Roof. It does not include other major components of a home such as structural issues in the crawl space and attic, condition of any appliances, moisture issues, unsafe railings and so much more.

A full home inspection on an average size home 1,500 sf should take approximately 3 hours. A 4 Point on this size home would typically take about 45 minutes for a thorough inspector. A full home inspection is ALL the systems and components of the home that can be visibly seen and tested.

We highly recommend you don’t forgo a full home inspection when making a large purchase such as a primary home! It could be a very expensive mistake.