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Structural Inspection

40+ Years of Experience | Family Owned & Operated

A structural inspection can save the integrity of your home…..


Hiring Shelton Home Inspections for a structural inspection could save you thousands of dollars and could be one of the best decisions you could make for your home. Our inspectors have the extensive knowledge and experience to provide you with an honest and accurate written inspection report so you can go to the next step of hiring a competent honest company to come in for repairs. We evaluate these types of issues every day in our home inspections and with our 40+ years of termite experience our inspectors can also determine what is minor and major termite damage.

Here’s the process: Our inspector will come into your home and visually inspect your initial areas of concern. Next, they will go through your home including attic and applicable crawl space areas to evaluate the cause and effect. They will take pictures, moisture readings if needed, inspect crawl space supports, attic roofing systems and other areas of concern that could be causing problems. Lastly, they will generate a detailed report including written narratives of their findings and color pictures. To top off
our service, we can provide a few honest and fair companies that we trust to provide you quotes and do the work if needed.

Why use Shelton Home Inspections first rather than going straight to the professional who does the repairs?? Because, we have nothing to sell you other than the inspection. You will receive an honest professional opinion of what’s causing the problems and sometimes the resolve is simple and
inexpensive and other times it’s the opposite but with us you will know how to proceed to correct and maintain the structural integrity of your home.