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Frequently Asked Questions

Shelton Home Inspections, Inc FAQ

Have an inspection-related question? We have the answer. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information!

What inspections should I order when buying a home?

To cover all of the bases you should order a complete home inspection, termite inspection, 4-Point and Wind Mitigation inspection. If the home is a waterfront home then you should consider a seawall, boat dock, and a boat lift inspection. 

What's the difference between a full home inspection and a 4-Point?

A Full Home Inspection on an average size home, 1,500 sf for example should take approximately 3 hours for a thorough inspector.  The full inspection includes all systems and components of the home including the big ticket items like HVAC, Plumbing, Electric, Roof, Structural and all the components related to these areas and everything in between like appliances, doors, grading and slope issues, windows, sprinkler system, pool and equipment and the list goes on.

A 4-Point insurance inspection includes the four main components only: Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, and Roof but consists of very specific information that the insurance company wants to know about on a checklist type form.  It is nowhere near the detail of a full home inspection. One big ticket item that is not included in the 4-Point is structural and attic support issues, this area should not be ignored.

On average, how quickly can we get on your schedule for an inspection?

Most home inspectors can be scheduled within 5 – 6 days and sometimes sooner.

You’re a home inspector but I see you do termite inspections also, what's your experience?

Our Master Inspector Steve Shelton has been performing termite inspections for over 40 years.  We carry a separate business license and professional license to offer termite inspection services. 


We were the previous owners of Exterm-A-Tech a local Termite and Pest Control company for over 30 years and Steve worked in this field even prior to that.  He has trained Zack Carter our newest inspector to have the same trained eye for detecting all types of termite damage, activity and evidence and to recommend the appropriate treatments when needed based on the findings.

Do you perform condo or mobile home inspections?

Most definitely, condos and mobile homes are no different to a home inspector than a single-family home.  They both have plumbing, electric, HVAC systems, and roof (in condos when on the top floor only). Mobile homes also have these components but they also have a crawl space which is important to inspect for many reasons.

What size commercial inspections do you perform?

We can perform a commercial inspection on small to medium-sized buildings typically around 10,000 square feet. A commercial inspection on these size building have most of the same components as a home so our inspectors are proficient in inspecting them and we don’t charge the high prices like many other commercial inspectors just because its commercial.

Once my inspections are completed, when will I receive my reports?

Reports are always emailed the next day even if completed on a Friday, you will receive your reports Saturday morning.  We understand that time is of the essence in this fast paced real estate market.

Do you have a list of professionals you can recommend for repairs?

We have a phenomenal list of companies and contractors we have worked with over our 18 years in the home inspection business and will gladly provide this list to our clients for quotes and repairs needed.  We’ve been told this list is like “GOLD” especially to new people coming to the Bay Area.

Why should we choose your company for our inspections?

We are educated, professional, knowledgeable in our field, prompt with our service, understand the value of customer service, available for your questions after the inspection, prompt at returning to reinspect and update the 4-point insurance inspection and we truly care about our profession and your future home investment.

Can I follow your inspector during the inspection?

Our inspectors have a system that ensures they stay on task as they make their way through the home inspecting process. If someone is following along and asking question, they can get off task and miss things.  However, we do encourage buyers to attend the review at the end of the inspection for an overview where questions can be asked and answered.