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5 Questions to Ask During a Roof Inspection

As a homeowner, you have a lot to keep up with and maintain. Inside and outside the home there is a lot to track and monitor, which is why having professional inspections done regularly can help save you time and money in the long run. Some of the most frequently...

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4 Point vs Full Home Inspection

Are you a Buyer? If so, you should know the difference between a 4 Point and a Full Home Inspection. A 4 Point is an insurance underwriting report that is typically used by an insurance agent to determine which carriers they can reach out to for insurability. A...

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5 Common Issues People Find During Home Inspections

A home inspection is an essential step in the home-buying process and can uncover potential problems that need to be addressed before finalizing a purchase. Based on findings from Porch, 86 percent of buyers who had a home inspection discovered at least one flaw that...

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5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Condo Inspection

According to, Inc., approximately 88% of buyers (almost nine of every ten) hired a professional home inspector for their most recent property purchase. This goes to show just how important condo inspections are to buyers. If you're selling a condo, here are...

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